Sparta Greek Restaurant

About Our Restaurant

Since 1953, we are serving the finest Greek cuisine in Yokohama, Japan. In fact, our restaurant is the first and the oldest Greek Restaurant in Japan. Around 1950-1970's there were many Greek shipmen came to Yokohama. Some of them married with Japanese women then settled in Yokohama. Our founder late Mr. Elias Skantzos(1936-2002) was one of them. In the beginning, he served Greek food to his fellow shipmen in his house. Then, he started a restaurant/bar in Akebono-cho in 1953 named after his home town Sparta, Greece.
Following the death of his beloved wife, he retuned to Greece and then retired in his hometown. Since then, the restaurant is run by his faithful disciple Mr. Yasuyuki Elias Akutsu and his wife Yoko. Mr. Akutsu is keeping original recipes and tastes from Mr. Skantzos. In addition, he and his wife travel Greece every year to update their knowledge about Greek cuisine.
Not only food but we also have a fine selection of wines and beers both Greek and other countries, as well as other liquor such as Ouzo, Metaxa. Our wines are selected by Mrs. Yoko Akutsu who is a certified sommeliere.
Because of our restaurant's location, we have guests not only from Japan but also all over the world. We are also looking forward to welcome you in our restaurant.


11:30〜14:00 (LO) 14:30 close

Examples of our menu:

Fish Spetsiota (Psari a la Spetsiota) Pastitio
Stuffed Tomato & Pepper (Yemista me Kima)
Pork with Celery and Egg-Lemon Sauce (Hirno me Selino Avgolemono)
Meat Rolles Smyrna Style (Soutzoukakia Smyrneika)
The main comes with Soup, Salad, Bread, Spread/Dip for Bread, and Coffee or Tea.
Price : ¥900 or ¥1,000


17:00〜22:00 (LO) 23:00 close

Examples of our A La Carte:

Mixed Plate for Appetizer
Greek Village Salad (Choriatiki Salata)
Melitzanes Imambaildi
Lamb Chops (Arni Paidaki)
Lamb Baked with Orzo and Tomatoes (Arnaki Youvetsi)
Chicken with Tomato Sauce (Kotopoulo Kokkinisto)
Fried Squid [Calamari] (Kalamarakia Tiganita)
Deep Fried Cod (Bakaliaros Tiganitos)
Octopus in Red Wine (Oktapodi Krasato)


OLYMPIA COURSE Price: ¥3,400
ATHENS COURSE Price: ¥4,000
SPARTA COURSE Price: ¥6,000

Book Your Party

We are also able have private parties such as birthday, engagement, wedding, or any other special occasions. Please feel free to call us about your plan, budget, etc of the party.
Our phone number is 045-253-1645


Special Dinner Party:

Once in the month, we have special dinner party. At this dinner party, you can have special course of dinner cooked by our chef including all you can drink of our house wine.
Price: ¥6,000 per person

Special Wine Party:

Once in the month, we have special wine party. At this dinner party, you can have special course of dinner cooked by our chef with vintage wine. In addition, you can drink our house wine unlimitedly.
Price: ¥10,000 per person

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3-7 Yoshidamachi Naka-ku Yokohama